The Four Absolute Handbags for Every Occasion

The Four Absolute Handbags for Every Occasion

Handbags are outfit toppers and any get-up without them is incomplete. From office work outfits to a fun weekend getaway ensemble, here’s a selection of bags you need for every occasion.

Tote bag for work

Medium to large tote bags are practical and stylish, and they are perfect to house in all of the things you need to carry with you when you go to the office. Choose bags that have versatile designs and are neutral in color like black, brown, dark blue, or nude, so that you can pair them with any outfit. You can even choose a bag in a bold color to wear on days where you feel extra!

A medium tote bag is perfect to make your outfit scream sophisticated and chic. Here are some inspirations to spark your fashion diva inside.

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Playful mini bag for a night out

You’ve been looking forward to this glam night all week and now that Friday is here, you are ready to rock the night away with your girlfriends. You get dolled up from head to foot with the perfect dress, killer shoes, and gorgeous hair and make-up. Don’t forget your bag! Spice up your get-up with the perfect clutch or mini bag! You need something to carry your phone, keys, and lipstick, right? A mini bag or clutch is the perfect bag to carry. It’s handy, it will fit your belongings, and it won’t be a hassle to keep with you as you dance the night away. Here are some inspirations for you.

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Shoulder bag for casual shopping

We gals hit the stores as if we are on a mission when we go shopping. You will need a trusty bag that’s accessible and has enough room to accommodate your purchases. Shoulder bags are great to lug around shops as they keep your hands free, are easy to access when you need to get or put something inside, and the internal zippers will keep your valuable safe. Pick bags that are both stylish and spacey. Here are some inspirations.

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Crossbody Bag for a date

Going on a date? A movie or a picnic, perhaps? Finish your outfit by donning a crossbody bag - the perfect bag to make your outfit cuter. Crossbody bags are the perfect size to carry while frolicking around with your special date. It’s a great accessory to keep all your valuables in to keep your hands free. Make the most of your day without the hassle of lugging a heavy bag whilst being up to your fashion game. Practical and stylish indeed!

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