Fashion Tips To Rock Your Gorgeous Handbag

Fashion Tips To Rock Your Gorgeous Handbag


An ensemble is not complete without a purse or a handbag. Bags enhance your overall look but they can also make or break an outfit when you don’t know which to pair with which. Hence, knowing how to style your handbag or pick the outfit that will go with your bag is essential.

Be aware of your personal style and from there, you can build up the bag collection you want. In fashion, it’s important to have the know-how on wearing your precious handbags and these tips are here to put you on the right path!


Match Your Personality

Dressing up has so much to do with your personality. So it's no question that the first step to rocking any bags you wear is to think about the ones that complement your personal style. Select the handbags that express you and that represent your style. When it comes to letting your personality show, you can let the bag do the talking. What bags make your heart beat fast? And how do you match it with your personality and personal style? Take a cue from these fashion inspirations:

Practicality and Versatility

When purchasing a bag, an excellent tip to keep in mind is to choose something that you can use on multiple activities. Have a selection of bags that you can wear on casual days outs, work, shopping, or parties. A classic black handbag can be very versatile as you can match it to most of your outfits, so does a nude, white, or brown one.


Make It Work With Your Body Shape

Just like with your clothing pieces, you have to style your handbags with your body figure in mind. Donning the right bag can make you long bigger or smaller depending on its shape, size, and how it falls on your body. If you want to add volume or width to your body frame, choose the wider and more detailed handbag and vice versa if you want the opposite. If you are more on the curvy side, avoid the round bags that are slouchier and opt for bags that lay flatter to the body. If you're on the slimmer side, be cautious of choosing bags that are too wide and oversized as it will make you look more petite. 

Mix & Match

Balance is always the key in mixing and matching. When you are going to carry a flashy and decorative bag, keep your outfit simple to avoid clashing too many patterns. When your outfit is monochromatic, match it with a bold handbag for a pop of color. Get creative. Here are some inspirations to look at.

Make Sure it Suits the Occasion

Whether you're going on a picnic, a casual gathering, or a dressy event, make sure to match your handbag with the occasion. One tip to keep in mind is going for smaller bags for a sophisticated and classy look, and larger bags for a more laid-back and casual look. Another tip is to consider the things you are going to carry. Different handbags have different storage spaces.