Growing up, Esther has always loved the fashion & accessories industry. She dreamed of becoming a successful model so she can use her platform to share her style and show off the clothing and accessories she loves. Having supportive parents, Esther pursued her passion and was enrolled in a modeling and acting agency, Barbizon. On the weekends, she'd attend her classes and in her free time, she learned how to strut like a model. These classes are what helped her boost her confidence, improve her skills, and made her the woman she is today.



She, later on, realized that modeling was not her calling, although her love and passion for accessories were as strong as ever. It wasn't long until she discovered that the accessory world was bigger than she could ever imagine and her love for custom luxurious accessories expanded. The biggest issue she encountered is that these accessories however beautiful were extremely expensive and not always of great quality.

After getting her Masters in Business Administration in 2019, she decided to use her educational background and zeal to create a luxurious affordable fashion brand that can cater to all women who share the same passion for fashion and accessories.



Estarie Collection started as a movement to create luxury leather bags with a minimal and classy look for the everyday woman who does it all. Mothers wanting to leave a legacy for their daughters, professional career woman who want to feel happy, confident and classy or for the young adult who wants to brunch with girlfriends over the weekend. There's a bag for every woman.

Estarie Collection is a brand specially designed to offer its customers the most elegant and refined designs of superior quality at a reasonable price. And we hope to make you feel classy and confident as you rock your Estarie Collection products.

Your style is our passion.